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I wanted to create a company that valued people, valued quality and  showcased Guatemalan heritage and craftsmanship.

I am from Guatemala and was born in a small village called Chichicastenago where there was no electricity and limited opportunities. My mother wanted to give me and the rest of my family a future filled with opportunity and hope so she opened a small business that sold hand-woven products. At the time, her store consisted of a woven blanket that we would lay on the street. Together we would sit on the street corner waiting to sell her products. I watched her work hard. Slowly, her business grew and she got a physical store location. She began to make bags. I watched as she employed local men and women from our community, paying them well - honoring their hard work and their families. I watched as talented Artisans would show my mother their weavings. I became captivated by their textile art with its vivid colors and designs. Over time, my mother taught me how to match the colors with leather and combine them. I learned about the demand in the market and observed how the weavers could sell their weavings to sustain their families and practice their traditional art. I loved being able to support my people and protect their traditional heritage and craftsmanship through weaving.  I learned from my mother as she formed relationships with different weavers and honoring both her workers and clients. I soon began to design my own products. 


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My mother has been my inspiration. Her wisdom and knowledge drives my company and its' values as listed below... 

My mother has been my inspiration. She taught me to value people and value quality above all else... 

As a result, today, I work with Indigenous local weavers in Guatemala and provide them with fair pay and good working conditions. We pay all of the workers over minimum wage and also provide them with training so that they can master their skill and increase their earnings. At Chichi & Color we seek to employ marginalized workers whenever possible, and we look for people in my community who we can employ. 


Our products are made with the highest quality leather and handwoven textile (huipil) because we understand that having a quality product that lasts is important. 










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