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There are many ways to wear a tote bag. We love to wear our huipil tote bags paired with jeans, or gently structured blazers and a tapered pant. Our huipil tote bags can also be partnered with a tailored coat, white shirt and soft trousers to merge the soft elegance of artisanal leather with the formal lines of this tote. This unique tote bag style can be dressed up or down to create the perfect tote bag outfit.

The colorful huipil embroidery accents on this bag feature a one-of-a-kind design. Relish in the elegant combination of full grain leather and traditional huipil. All bags have been loomed by hand using Ancient Mayan weaving techniques on a backstrap loom and support Mayan weavers in Guatemala.

Tote Bag - Boxy Huipil Tote

SKU: 4031
    • Full grain leather
    • Handwoven textile exterior 
    • Metal Hardware 
    • Handwoven cotton lining 
    • Magnetic clip closure closure 
    • Three inner pockets
    • One deep outer pocket 


    L: 15”
    W: 5.5” 

    Social Impact 
    This product supports artisans in rural areas of Guatemala, providing them with work opportunity, skills training, and a fair wage. It further helps to preserve the artisans' traditional heritage and practice of back-strap weaving and textile development. There is no child labor used in the production of this product. 


    One-Of-A-Kind Features 
    All products feature a unique and one-of-a-kind textile which means you will never find anyone wearing the same bag as you! Plus all products are handmade, giving them an added touch of authenticity! 


    Want a Handmade POM-Tassel? 
    Help us support a group of talented and courageous single mama’s in our community who provide for their families by designing and developing handmade pompoms. We offer a wide selection of pom-poms and tassels that will give any bag an extra pop! Plus, you’ll be helping to support this locally developed initiative. Check it out under the POM-Tassel section of our website! 

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