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Huipil? What's That? 

A Huipil (hup-eel) is a loose fitting box-shaped tunic traditionally worn by the women in Indigenous Guatemalan communities. The huipil is comprised of ancestral weaving inspired by the Mayan people of Guatemala. Each weaving, color, and textile represent an aspect of Guatemalan history,  culture, natural environment (mountains, volcanoes, birds) or the traditions from the country. Each huipil is handmade and tells a unique story.  Huipil’s are traditionally hand woven on a backstop loom and are decorated with intricate embroidery, beads, lace ribbons and vibrant patterns. There are over 22 Indigenous communities in Guatemala and each community has its own traditional design, color, and form for their Huipil. 



The Huipil is an important part of Mayan culture and represents the true heart of the Guatemalan people and the strength and endurance of the women of this country. The Huipil has been intricately woven with distinct colors which show the vibrancy of the people and culture. These colorful art pieces form a fundamental part of Guatemalan heritage. 



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