Crafted by hand, our Guatemala camera straps are beautifully embroidered statement pieces. All embroidered camera straps are one-of-a-kind and created with love. 

Woven by hand, the  Guatemala camera straps are exquisite pieces of art that merge beauty and practicality. These camera straps can also be used as interchangeable embroidered bag straps for all of your favourite convertible day bags or combine any crossbody bag with these embroidered straps. Perfect for the practical, style conscious consumer. Express yourself. Express your unique style. 


New Guatemalan huipil bags have just dropped. Vibrant huipiles and soft full grain leather. Discover our newest line of huipil leather bags. They're only here for a limited time! 



Our new huipil leather bag drops combine some of our most elegant bag  styles and Guatemalan weavings with Mayan textiles and weaving symbols. Unlock entry to the world of Maya through these unique handwoven patterns and designs, each with a secret significance and meaning. 

Each unique bag has been woven by a talented weaver, an artist skilled at her craft. After the Mayan weaving process has finished, our Mayan designers skillfully pair the unique huipil textiles with their own bag designs. Each bag is then manufactured by hand  with the finest full grain leather and attention to detail.  Each worker is paid a dignified wage for their work and is a cherished part of our team!  


Enjoy our Guatemalan convertible day bags that come with adjustable backpack and crossbody straps! Each bag can be used as a crossbody bag, handbag and even as a backpack! Huipil convertible bags are available now!

  Our huipil bags,  Guatemalan leather backpacks and other Guatemalan bags are one-of-a-kind and feature handwoven textiles.  Not sure which style you would like? We make it fun and easy!  Contact one of our specialized sale experts online now. Click on the contact us button and we will connect with you right away to help you pick the perfect bag that will met all of your needs! 


 Huipiles are traditional Mayan art and part of the Mayan heritage. We are proud to help preserve this unique art. Are you wondering, what is a huipil? Click the link below to discover the significance of the Guatemalan  huipil and its importance in the Mayan culture.  

With over 30 years of experience in the international market, we have managed to support hundreds of Indigenous artisans in our community. We have helped artisans send their children to school, build homes, provide nutrishious meals for their families and get a post-secondary education. Now more than ever, our artisan partners are in need of work due to the effects of COVID-19 on the nation of Guatemala. Thank you for your support!

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