Social Responsibility 

Protecting our community and their rights is not an option, it's a responsibility that we have. Makario'S Artesanos believes in fair and ethical practices, that's why.... 


  • All artisans receive a fair wage and pay that is above the minimum salary and are offered annual bonuses

  • We provide training to unskilled workers, giving them the opportunity to earn a living for their families 

  • Women weavers are offered the opportunity to work from home so that they can continue to support their families and raise their children while earning a valuable income for their families 

  • We seek marginalized community members to support whenever possible 

  • Workers can receive training, education, and capacitation to enhance their skills 

  • Artisans are offered a safe work environment 

  • We seek local initiatives such as the POM-Tassel project that supports single Mamas' and empower local community members 

  • We seek to source all inputs whenever possible directly from Guatemala to support the local economy 

  • We provide donations (hats, shoes, shirts) to women and children in rural parts of the Guatemalan Highlands whenever possible