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With humble beginnings, coming from a small rural village in Chichicastenango, Manuela Macario rose up to create a luxury handmade bag company focused on Mayan textile art and leather huipil bags. Founded in 1987, Makario’S Artesanos continues to provide income opportunities for Mayan Artisans around Guatemala and has become increasingly known for its Guatemalan huipil bags of all shapes and sizes. Manuela’s strong focus on quality and expertise of the Mayan textile tradition has made Makario’S Artesanos known as a leader for Indigenous Mayan textiles and luxury leather goods. Foreseeing the high market demand, Manuela scoured the country for the finest leathers, threads and exceptional weavers to produce beautiful leather huipil leather bags and accessories. Training over 300 workers throughout her career, she has managed to build a company that exemplifies the creative art and heritage of  Mayan textiles and forwards Mayan embroidery as an art form. 

 Mayan weaving, often referred  to as huipil embroidery or Mayan textiles  have been a traditional part of the Mayan culture for centuries. Today backstrap weaving is still practiced in many rural regions of Guatemala.  Mayan weaving is valued as a highly respected art form by which many women are given the freedom to express themselves and their stories through weaving. Mayan weaving designs and even Ancient Mayan textiles have historically depicted unique and symbolic images. Manuela's desire to help give her people economic stability through income generating opportunities, has helped to preserve this traditional art, while the women to continue to explore their emotions and express their stories on the canvas of their Guatemalan weaving. 

Manuela and her team are proud of their huipil convertible day bags and Guatemalan huipil bags of all shapes and sizes that have been distributed around the globe. Participating in runways in North America, Brazil, Austria, Costa Rica, El Salvador and representing Guatemala at the Canadian embassy, this little company that could, has broken through the barriers and limits it once considered its destiny to find honor, and respect for their artistry, heritage and ethical business practices.  

Manuela and the team invites you to relish in these unique pieces of wearable art, created by skilled artisans and designers. Enjoy the wearable art textiles on each bag, remembering that a beautiful woman, skilled at her crafted has used this weaving to express her heart, her inspiration and her story.  

Incredible things happen in the least expected places.  

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