The Huipil BAg 


With humble beginnings, coming from a small rural village in Chichicastenango, Manuela Macario rose up to create a luxury handmade bag company focused on  Mayan textile art and huipil bags. Founded in 1987, Makario’S Artesanos continues to provide income opportunities for Mayan Artisans around Guatemala. Manuela’s strong focus on quality and expertise of the Mayan textile tradition has made Makario’S Artesanos known as a leader for Indigenous Mayan textiles and lux leather goods. Foreseeing the high market demand, Manuela scoured the country for the finest leathers, threads and exceptional weavers to produce beautiful huipil bags and accessories. Traning over 300 workers throughout her career, she has managed to build a company that exemplifies the creative art and heritage of  Mayan textiles and forwards Mayan embroidery as an art form. 

Participating in runways in North America, Brazil, Austria, Costa Rica, El Salvador and representing Guatemala at the Canadian embassy, this little company that could, has broken through the barriers and limits it once considered its destiny to find honor, and respect for their artistry, heritage and ethical business practices.  

Incredible things happen in the least expected places.  

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