Frequently asked questions

When will my purchase arrive?

Makario'S Artesanos will ship our your order within 1-3 business days. We send out shipments Monday - Friday. We do not ship on holidays or weekends. Once the package is shipped out it will take between 10-15 business days to arrive. If there is a delay to your order we will connect with you via email. If you would like to cancel your order before it has been shipped we request that you contact us through email at Please be aware that customs and duties taxes may be charged by your country upon arrival. All duties and taxes must be paid upon delivery. Makario'S Artesanos is not responsible for these duties and taxes. If we have been given an incorrect postage address, Makario'S will not be liable nor responsible for providing a refund for the purchase made. However, if for some reason your package does not arrive please contact us and we will happily look into any issues that may have arisen.

What is your return policy?

Makario'S Artesanos is a small and locally based company, we do not offer returns at this time. However, if you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your purchase please contact us and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue!

What parts of the bag are actually handmade?

We are pleased to tell you that all of the textiles used on both the interior and exterior of the bag have been hand woven by talented weavers. The actual production of the bag is also handcrafted.

Can I place a custom order?

Yes. Makario'S Artesanos does accept custom orders. Please contact us for more details at

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Absolutely! Please connect with us at At Makario'S we love to fufill wholesale orders as they proivde a large amount of work to the Artisans at a given time! Please also connect with us to see our wholesale cataloge.

What do you mean when you say your products are ethically made?

Our Handmade Bags support the local econmy here in Guatemala. We provide work to the Indegenous population, many of whom do not have other work opportunites. We pay our makes a fair salary that is above minimum wage and offer them a safe place to work. They also receive annual bonuses. We also pay all of the weavers a fair wage for their work, and provide financial support to those in need when necessary.

Is any child labor used in the production of your bags or other products?

No. We do not use any child labor in the production of our products.

What does a Guateman woman's huipil tell about her?

A Guatemalan woman’s huipil is very significant in Mayan culture and indicates her social status, place of birth or the specific town where she lives. A Mayan woman is able to express her unique identity through her traditional huipil and traje. Mayan weaving patterns and Mayan weaving designs create the basis of traditional Guatemalan textiles known as huipiles and Mayan textiles. The variety of colours, patterns and designs allow Mayan women to freely express themselves through each unique traje and huipil. These unique Guatemalan weavings and textiles are created by backstrap weaving, an ancient mayan weaving process. Huipiles are beautiful creations of wearable art with a variety of huipil symbols integrated into the authentic Guatemalan clothing.To learn more please see the following page:

What is a huipil?

Huipiles are one of a kind tunic shirts traditionally worn by Mayan women throughout Guatemala. The huipil blouse is crafted using three pieces of material that are sewn together, creating a boxy oversized. It features a variety of Mayan weaving patterns, Maya glyphs as well as other unique Mayan symbols and meanings. The pronunciation of huipil is “whip-eel”. A traditional huipil is made out of cotton, and is woven by hand. Huipiles are traditional Mayan art. To learn more about traditional huipiles click here:

How much does a huipil cost?

A huipil can vary in price depending on the quality of the weaving, its newness, the region where it has been created and the color pallet used within the design. Some of the most elite Guatemalan huipil designs and styles can cost up to $1,000 USD!

Is a traditonal huipil different than a huipl?

All huipiles are traditional Mayan clothing! This means that technically all huipiles are traditional huipiles.

Can I get my order shipped faster?

Yes! Please email us and we can get your expedited shipping for only a $15 USD extra charge!

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