Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

Meet some of our skilled Mayan weavers in Guatemala,  fellow textile lovers & cunning entrepreneurs all part of the Makario'S Artesanos team! 

Makario'S Artesanos female founder Manuela Tecun.jpg

Manuela Tecum

Manuela is the founder and owner of Makario'S Artesanos, a weaver and mother to twelve children. Manuela was born in rural Guatemala and started Makario'S in 1987 to support her family. Her passion is to help the poor meet their basic needs and establish financial security. Her focus is paying her workers well so that they can have an abundant life free of debt and poverty. 

Makario's Artesanos wearable art company founder

Francisco Macario

 Francisco is Manuela's husband and the second founder of Makario'S Artesanos. His passion is providing work opportunities for people in his community. He has been responsible for providing work for numerous of people in his community.

handcrafted purse and handbag designer

Rossy Macario

Rossy is one of the designers and the main administrator for for Makrio'S Artesanos. Rossy loves to combine huipiles and leather and has a passion for promoting traditional Guatemalan textiles. Rossy also has developed an exclusive line of hand-made dresses which feature Mayan textiles. 

Efraín Macario 

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Mike Macario

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handmade luxuary handbag leather worker

Mike - Workshop 

Mike is one of our most talented bag makers. He joined the Makario'S team many years ago. He was able to pay for his wife's university degree. because of his employment with Makarios. She now has her own business. Mike is skilled and detail oriented. We love him for his playful personality and keen eye for detail!

handmade luxury handbag maker at Makario'S Artesanos

Chico - Workshop

Chico has been working with us since 2015. He is very serious about his work and has a lot of experience creating leather products. He has worked with large scale companies in the past and we are very thankful to have him on our team. He is the main provider for his family.  He also works in the agriculture sector to further provide for his family.  

huipil bag making at Makario's Artesanos

Martín - Workshop

Martín has been working with us for over six years. He was one of our first employees. He did not know how to use a sewing machine or how to manufacture a single product. We worked together to train him. Now he has the skills to produce professional quality huipil bags, wallets, shoes and has tailoring skills. 

Mayan weaver holds Guatemlan huipil

Nana - Weaver

Nana is well known in our community because of her age and time selling and making huipils. We have had a long-standing relationship with Nanna and love to support her business. Nanna used to make her own huipils with unique Mayan weaving patterns. Now that she is 84 years old she no longer weaves but supports herself by selling Mayan textiles from her town. 

Mayan Weaver from Guatemala stands in traditional traje

Juan & Maria - Weaving Coordinator

Juan and Maria are a husband and wife team and have been working with us for more than twenty years. Juan and Maria did not have the opportunity to study, but due to their employment with Makario'S they have been able to buy land, construct a house, send their children to school. They oversee a group of 23 Mayan weavers in Guatemala who create a variety of Mayan textiles with unique weaving designs.

Male and Female Mayan textie artists for Makario'S Artesanos

Cesar & Marta - Weaving   Group

Cesar and Marta opened their business 38 years ago. They have spent years perfecting their art. They have a team of ten people who they employ. They are focused on creating new and exclusive Mayan weaving designs that do not exist in the market. They are passionate about creating wearable art and providing high quality textiles to show off the talent of Mayan Artisans. 

Male Photographer taking a photo for Makario'S Artesanos

Efraín Macario 

Efraín is a designer for Makario'S Artesanos and also works as the main photographer for the business. He is passionate about creating connection between Mayan artisans and consumers through the lens of his camera. He loves using his camera to show off everything Guatemalan in all of its beauty. 

Girl in green dress holding pink Guatemalan huipil bag

Sarah Macario

Sarah works as one of the models for Makraio'S and also manages the online marketing  and promotion for the company. Sarah is passionate about finding opportunities for Indigenous  workers within the  foreign market.    

Guatemalan huipil bags retail seller standing up against coloful wall

Mike Macario

Mike is one of our main promotional agents in Guatemala. He manages one of the store locations in Guatemala. Mike has been working with Makario'S and huipiles for a number of years. In his free time Mike enjoys teaching music classes and is working on opening a music school. 

Mayan woman weaving Mayan textile

Ofeia & the Chichi Weaving Group

Ofelia lives and works in Chichicastenango and has a team of four other dedicated Mayan weavers. Their work is excellent and they use with premium quality thread. These women are able to create any Mayan textile pattern imaginable. We appreciate their creativity and precision. 

Two Mayan Weavers standing infront of Mayan textiles

Maria & Marta

Makario'S has been working with Maria and her sister Marta for decades. We appreciate these women, their hard work, ethics and kindness.They sell a variety of Mayan fabrics ranging from huipiles to cortes.  Our lives have become intertwined over the years of doing business. A business meeting with them is never just a quick meeting, but rather an exchange between friends.

Mayan weaver holding huipil bag

Maria & her family

We have been working with Maria recently and appreciate her keen eye for huipil design. She began her business with only one huipil. Over time her business has grown and developed. Maria also spends much time weaving. She uses a variety of weaving designs in her huiples. She now is able to provide for herself and family through her earnings. We are grateful to partner with her!